Richard Lucas


Richard Lucas founded Shasta Visions in 1987. With a life-long passion for peace, ecology, and increasing awareness of Earth & Space, Shasta Visions’ Planet Earth Art has encouraged millions of people all around the Globe to hold the whole World in their hands and imagine peace on Earth! A childhood fascination with maps and cartography eventually led to the creation of the detailed spherical printing that is now Shasta Visions’ Earth, Moon, Mars, Solar System, Spaceships and other images. Richard has been on the Board of Directors of the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center since 1993, helping to protect and preserve the special place he calls home, Mount Shasta, California, and its surrounding Bio-region. His passion for nature is experienced through hiking, biking, skiing, diving, river rafting, personal forestry, gardening, tending the orchard, immersive travel to wild places and dancing in the woods. When he’s not in the office or experiencing nature, Richard can be found playing bass guitar with local funk, rock, soul and jazz bands. 

Aron Lucas

Outreach Wizard and Web Design

From childhood, Aron has had a passion for the outdoors and nature. Having many opportunities to experience the beauty of our natural world growing up in Mount Shasta and traveling around the world, helping protect our Earth has always been important to Aron. An avid skier, biker, climber, hiker, and athlete, Aron is always looking for ways to get into nature and enjoy the sublime views and experiences only possible through full immersion into nature. Aron spends his time learning marketing, social media management, content creation, and business in order to bring the Shasta Visions message to the World.

Bianca Garza

Queen of the Universe

According to her daughter, Bianca is Queen of the Universe. The jury is still out on whether or not this is fact, but we find it fitting as Bianca takes on many aspects of Shasta Visions' daily procedures and strategic planning. From branding to administration to logistics, Bianca is an integral part of our team. When not at Shasta Visions, Bianca can be found diving into local politics as a School Board Vice President and preserving & restoring Mount Shasta and its surrounding area with a local environmental nonprofit. However, showcasing Earth’s beauty to her daughters is the highest priority to Bianca as she knows they will likely take over as Queen of the Universe one day.

Douglas Anderson

Creator of Worlds

Managing production in the Seattle, Washington area since the beginning of Shasta Visions, Doug is the Master of the Kilns! With a life-long interest in advanced screen processes and ceramic glazes, he teamed up with Richard to produce the beautiful spherical full-color Globes and other images Shasta Visions creates. His passion for perfection, detail, and the continual refinement and advancement of innovative production techniques has led to the evolving excellence and longevity of Shasta Visions products. The Earth, Moon, Mars, Solar System, Spaceships and other designs are hand-applied, then kiln-fired at over 1000 degrees to create durable, long-lasting images to be cherished for generations, thanks to Doug!

Bryan La Fleur

Global Graphics Designer

Bryan has been a part of Shasta Visions as our primary designer for over two years. He has been working professionally in the art field since 2014. His experience in the arts include Illustration, Photography, Photo Editing, Painting, Sculpting, Advertising, and various forms of Graphic Arts. He spends most of his time in class, studying, and has previously been a tutor for Digital Imaging, Digital Illustration, Art History, and other Various Subjects. In his spare time he enjoys disc golf as a means to get out and experience nature. 

Joe Lucas

Marketing Specialist

Joe lives in Connecticut with his wife Ally and their dog Pepé. Joe graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Business in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He spent the last few years working as an Ad Specialist and Analytics Manager at the tech firm Madwire in Fort Collins, CO. Joe currently provides digital marketing services through, and enjoys biking, hiking and playing disc golf in his free time.