1/2" Mars Marbles - 5 In A Pouch


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About The Product:

What's the only thing better than Mars? A beautiful pouch containing 5 gorgeous red planets! Display your very own glass Mars marbles using the stainless steel stands, or throw them all into the drawstring pouch when you are on the go.
  • 1/2” (14mm) diameter Mars Marbles
  • Stainless steel stands and drawstring pouch included
  • Geographically accurate white ice-caps, dark canyons, mountains, volcanoes, and planitias.
  • 5 in a pouch
  • Warning - small celestial bodies, choking hazard
The geographic art is expertly kiln fired at over 1000 degrees, creating an all-glass masterpiece that will last a lifetime! 
A portion of the proceeds goes to support environmental organizations and inspire world peace.
Handmade in the USA

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